The ₹100 Fund

A subscription to support a new impact organization every month. Automagically.

  • Automated Impact

    Do some serious social good for as little as ₹3 per day. It all adds up.

  • Verified Causes

    Every month, 1 trusted organization receives all the collected donations.

  • 100% Transparency

    Monthly reports to keep you updated on the organization and social impact.

Giving in India

We usually donate whenever there is an urgent need around us. Here are 3 facts about Indian philanthropy.

  • 55%
    Help the Poor
  • ₹18,182
    Average Annual Donation
  • 68%
    Give Cash

Mindful Giving for Millions

This is our approach to scaling social good in India.

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    Support 1 Organization Each Month

    We believe in the power of going all in. So, we will celebrate and support only 1 remarkable organization each month.

    All our donations are completely unrestricted.

  • Safeena Husain
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    Learn From Impact Leaders

    We'll host an Ask Me Anything session with a leader from the recipient organization to learn more from them.

    Be sure to follow our social media channels.

  • Women
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    Build a Network of Good

    We hope this experiment nudges our community members to give with intention and encourages those on the sidelines to jump in to help.

Ready to Help? Let's Go!

This is the best ₹100 you will ever give. We promise.

  • Supporter

    Automate intentional giving by supporting a new organization and cause every month.
  • Believer

    If you believe we are on to something worthwhile then lean into it by giving ₹100 every week.

Join Our Community

We have the support of the world's brightest and most compassionate humans. What are you waiting for?

Puja Marwaha Puja Marwaha

Support lasting change today!

People today want to contribute to the right causes through credible NGOs but often lack the time to research and make an informed choice. The ₹100 Fund is a brilliant way to bridge this gap to help create meaningful social impact and support lasting change for communities that need it most.

Puja Marwaha, CEO, CRY
Sohini Bhattacharya Sohini Bhattacharya

The impact sector needs your help!

egomonk has set out to support small NGOs that are doing meaningful work across the country. They are committed, and I know they will get it done. The sector needs all the help it can get to survive the pandemic. I congratulate and wish them all the best.

Sohini Bhattacharya, CEO, Breakthrough India
Manoj chandran Manoj chandran

We need greater participation!

The ₹100 Fund by egomonk is a wonderful opportunity for individuals to make an impact in the space they strongly connect with. No support is small as each of them adds up to make the change that we dream of. Your contribution is the perfect start of a movement the world needs today.

Manoj Chandran, CEO, White Swan Foundation
Gurpreet Singh Gurpreet Singh

It's easy to forget about the many who have too little.

egomonk has identified excellent organizations working to solve poverty, hunger, injustice, and more, but these organizations need much more support. Imagine the power of hundreds of thousands of us, even millions, pooling together ₹100 each month for such organizations. That's why I subscribed to The ₹100 Fund, and hope you will too.

Gurpreet Singh, Senior Analyst, Skoll Foundation

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